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Introducing: Carol Cyber 👩🏿‍🦳
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Who is Carol? Carol is one of the local residents of Hackerville. In fact, she was one of the first few people to move to Hackerville when it was first created! What does Carol do? Carol is the top cybersecurity expert at CityBank. She knows all about the dangers of the online world and takes […]

Introducing: David Cyber 👱‍♂️
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Who is David? David is one of the residents of Hackerville, but he is not as well known as Bob or Alice are, despite living in Hackerville for many years now. What does David do? David is one of the developers of TMI, Hackerville’s social media network. David is fully aware of how easy it […]

Introducing: Alice Cyber 👩🏼
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Who is Alice? Alice is one of the awesome citizens of the Hackerville village. Alice moved to Hackerville only a year ago, but she has been loving her time here so far! What does Alice do? Alice is a barista at the local coffee shop in town, where she can be found on most given […]

Introducing: Bob Cyber 👨🏻
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Who is Bob? Bob is one of the many citizens living within the Hackerville village. He and his family are well known by all of the Hackerville citizens! Bob was born in 1980, he loves Rock and Roll music, and his favorite food is pizza. 🍕 What does Bob do? Bob is a full-time employee […]