Who is Bob?

Bob is one of the many citizens living within the Hackerville village. He and his family are well known by all of the Hackerville citizens! Bob was born in 1980, he loves Rock and Roll music, and his favorite food is pizza. πŸ•

What does Bob do?

Bob is a full-time employee at the local Hackerville Citybank.

How does Bob spend his free time?

When he’s not at work, Bob is spending time with his family and with his best friend in the whole world, MAX! 🐢 Bob loves taking Max on walks, playing fetch with him, and teaching him new tricks. There is nobody Bob would rather spend time with than his dog Max. Bob adopted Max in 2010β€”it was the best day of his life!

A fun fact about Bob is…

His favorite color is red. Bob drives a red car, owns a red cellphone, and even tried to paint the inside of his house red (his wife wouldn’t let him though).

Say hi to Bob and Max the next time you see them in Hackerville!

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